I AM DISAPPEARING is a conscious product.


A soap, a design object, which invites us to reflect on the connection between our day by day consumption of products wrapped by plastic, and the extinction of many animals that inhabit the seas.An encouragement to change the use of plastic bottled shower gels for soaps.

Although it is difficult to restore the wrong we have made to whales, turtles, seals, dolphins and countless species that live in the seas, we could still do something for them by reducing the use of plastics.
The kind of compromise towards the planet and the animals that inhabit it.

While the shape of the seal slowly disappears as we use it, make us remind that the disappearance of these animals is literally in our hands.

A small sculpture designed also as a decorative object to make us remember that small changes are important. Because, how many bottles of soap could we reduce in our home and in our environment if we would willing to do that?

The concept closes by a donation from the product price to the Foundation Canary Islands Free From Plastics, that protects the oceans and their animals.